Organizations need to get ready with Digital Forensic : Part 1

Most commonly, forensic investigation of digital evidence is done as a post-event response to a serious information security incident and given an option, IT department of most of the orgnizations would prefer to avoid it given the timeframe, cost and wide range of staff impacted with such investigations. However, monitoring, analyzing and investigating digital evidences as a standard practice can actually help organizations to avoid […]

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Digital Incidents Paradigm: Beyond Conventional Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime has become the biggest threat to digital information, causing reputational and financial damage to businesses and individuals around the globe. Cyber attacks are now impacting not only individuals who are online but also those are not online, for example, one of the cyber-attacks have disrupted the availability of electricity in thousands of homes in Eastern Europe. Therefore Digital Forensics practice, which deals with acquisition-preservation-analysis […]

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Digital India – Early Adoption of Cyber Security Framework is Necessary

With Digital India initiative, there is a new wave of transformation across country. It includes e-Governance, electronic delivery of services, and information to all in electronic form in the central & state government segment. This transformation also demanding every small and big business to go online to increase efficiency and revenues. This is making government and private businesses increasingly dependent on devices, services and applications […]

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Human Factor in Data Breaches in Financial Sector

There is a rapid increase in the usage of digital channels in the financial sector such as internet banking, digital wallets, mobile banking. This increase the exposure and thereby cyber-attacks causing financial and reputation losses to institutions.

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Common Information Security Threats for Working Professionals

In my earlier blog of the series Common Cyber Security Threats for Novice I’ve discussed about common cyber threats which are applicable to everybody. In this blog, I’m trying to bring up other common security practices to be exercised by working professionals. This group of people are very well versed with common cyber threats but should be aware of common vulnerabilities around work place.

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Common Cyber Security Threats for Businesses

There have been many other threats, mitigation techniques and awareness mechanisms available when it comes to Information Security of an organization but this attempt is to discuss about most likely cyber security threats that affect organization’s businesses monetarily or reputation and any business owner or management body should be aware of to take appropriate measures.

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Common Cyber Security Threats for a Novice – Part I

This blog is more focused on the security threats exposed and experienced by beginners, infrequent internet users or those who spend much time on social network without appropriate security concerns. As part of a series, this is the first blog post.

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Common Cyber Security Threats for a Novice – Part II

This blog is continuation of security threats exposed and experienced by beginners, infrequent internet users or those who spends much time on social network without appropriate security concerns. 1. Protecting Personal Information Refers to any information that can personally identify you, such as your name, address, phone numbers, your schedule, bank account number, credit card account numbers, family members’ names or friends’ names.

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Cyber Security Awareness for Internet Users

This video blog is for making aware general internet users about cyber security. It talks about: What is cyber security? What are impacts of cyber security incidents? How do we connect to internet? Different threat and attack vectors of cyber security How to identify if you are victim of cyber-crime/incident General preventive measure Access this video below:

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