Assessment and Consulting

1. Digital Forensic readiness

  • Capture business risks or challenges requiring forensic need
  • Systematic approach to assess the evidence logging, monitoring and preservation
  • Integrating forensic tasks/controls with existing IT security processes
  • Assist in lab setup for Digital Forensic Investigation

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2. Audit, Assessment and Consultancy for Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • SOC Strategy
  • SOC Design
  • SOC Operations Advisory
  • Event Management Advisory
  • SOC Analytics/Intelligence Advisory

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3. Audit, Assessment and Consultancy on User/Identity Management

  • Undertake a Comprehensive Gap Analysis
  • Identity and governance: carry out an assessment of your current identity governance and define a design that supports your organisation’s strategy.
  • Privileged account management: evaluates the current maturity of your accounts, identifies strategy and designs the best solution for your customers
  • IAM consulting: Identity life-cycle / security compliance consulting, architecture evaluation
  • User administration & provisioning: User / group / role profiling and consolidation
  • Identity Life-cycle Management: Evaluating compliance and controls evaluation, audits and reports

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4. Cyber Security in INDUSTRY 4.0

  • Do Assessment
  • Capture business risks and threats
  • Help organisations to be:
    • Secure
    • Vigilant
    • Resilient 

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5. IoT Security

  • End Device Security
  • Network Security
  • Help organisations for:
    • Prevention
    • Monitoring
    • Detection
    • Respond

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6. Vendor Risk Management

  • Building Effective Vendor Risk Management Framework
    • Outsourcing objectives and activities
    • Classification of vendors
    • Cataloging og cybersecurity risks 
    • Performance monitoring criteria
    • Contract terms and agreements
    • Develop a system to assess future vendors and set a minimum    acceptable hurdle for the quality of any future third-parties
    • Assess current outsourcing policy and other supporting IT/Organization policies and procedures
  • Vendor Risk Assessment
    • Inventorying of vendors
    • Categorisation of vendors
    • Assess vendors for potential risks
    • Validation of due diligence 
    • Mitigation plan of residual risk
    • Establish contingency plans if a third-party is deemed below quality or a data breach occurs
    • Review current vendor contracts
  • Vendor Risk Management Tool
    • Single repository for contracts, due diligence documentation and outsourcing related policies
    • Automated workflows and assessment of vendors
    • Vendor performance monitoring
    • Executive reporting

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