Digital India – Early Adoption of Cyber Security Framework is Necessary

With Digital India initiative, there is a new wave of transformation across country. It includes e-Governance, electronic delivery of services, and information to all in electronic form in the central & state government segment. This transformation also demanding every small and big business to go online to increase efficiency and revenues. This is making government and private businesses increasingly dependent on devices, services and applications […]

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Human Factor in Data Breaches in Financial Sector

There is a rapid increase in the usage of digital channels in the financial sector such as internet banking, digital wallets, mobile banking. This increase the exposure and thereby cyber-attacks causing financial and reputation losses to institutions.

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Insider Threats and User Behavior Analytics

Cyber-attacks from employees and other insiders is a common problem for all organizations. Most of the times such attacks go unnoticed for many months to years and many a times it is never detected. Usually such attacks within private organizations are never reported outside unless it causes losses or impact to their customers. Snowden and WikiLeaks are famous examples of insider attacks known in public […]

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