About Us

Our Approach

Our Vision

To be recognised as reputed Information Security company that would provide specialised skills and value-added services in Cyber Security.

Our Mission

To create skilled work force in Cyber Security through trainings and re-skilling.

To create proactive environment to minimise security incidents and provide solutions to non-conventional requirements of the clients. 

Our Story

20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology with Tier 1 MNC and last 10 years specifically in Information Security. Supported clients across different geographies both at onsite as well as from offshore. 

Worked on multiple non-conventional projects to address unique requirements of clients and lead successfully with highest client satisfaction. 


Our Story

Our Approach

In today’s world almost every person is connected with Cyber world through either Email, Social sites, Citizen services, Online mercantile, Search engines, mobile phones or recent advancement in Internet of Things (IoT). 

Similarly, almost every business is connected with Cyber world for providing services to customers, availing support services from vendors, cloud based services, social media or indirectly through the employees who are connected with world of Internet.

This opens up huge potential for Cyber criminals. Whether attack is on businesses or individual information, focus of attack is mainly theft of personal data, identity theft or financial gain.

Our approach is to make aware the public about cyber security through blogs, educate the professionals through E-learnings and trainings, and assist businesses deploy proactive measures through professional services.

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